Thursday, February 22, 2018


Yesterday I got to go out to lunch with my friend. I haven't seen her for a while so it was nice to get out and eat and chat. I didn't end up getting a lot else done yesterday. I went for a walk before I met her, called Mum when I got back and by then hubby was home and the day was almost over!

I popped down to the library today. Big mistake. Some of the roads downtown were still closed because of the flooding and I couldn't find my way there! I had to end up pulling over and putting Maps on my phone so I could be directed. Phew. I was pretty good and only came away with three books for a total of $6.36. I could have bought more but I'm trying to be good.

Outside today the birds were flocking to the birdfeeder. I think because there was a little sun they were all out and about. There was a little puddle on the ground where they were jumping into and splashing about too. It was funny to watch. I probably spent more time than I should have watching birds. I did manage to at least get the bathroom clean and have dinner ready to pop in the oven by the time hubby got home. I ended up making a Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta dinner. Hubby loved it. It did make a lot though so next time I'll have to half the recipe. I haven't done a menu this week so now I've got to figure out what to cook tomorrow.

Not sure what type of bird this is but it was really colourful. So beautiful to look at. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rain, Rain...

Seems in the last week we've had a bit of every kind of weather imaginable. Now it's time for the downpours. The rain came in yesterday morning and hasn't stopped! It's obviously warmer than it has been and because of that the massive amount of snow we had is melting and with the rain it is making for a very melty, wet mess. We're under a flood advisory now until Thursday. I've decided to just stay inside today. I don't want to deal with the rain and flooded roads.

Sunday was a lovely blue-skied day. Chilly, but the sun was out and that makes everything better. Right?

It still looked pretty wild out there. It was quite icy but we got a couple of inches of snow overnight on Saturday night so there was  a layer of snow to grip onto. It amazes me how very desolate it looks. I can imagine that now it is just one big icy mess. 

Monday fog came before the rain. I think the cold of the snow and the warm of the weather causes a fog. I think that's what the weather people said. It did look quite eerie. 

In the last couple of days I've spent more time reading than I should have. I'm trying to get through some books to get them off the shelves. I really do need to tell myself that I can't read so much. I have to get things done around here. 

Now I'm off to eat some breakfast and then try to work out what I'm going to do with leftover mince for tonight's food. I'm running out of ideas. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Ever since we went to visit  middle son one evening and watched the sunset over St. Joseph Lighthouse I've been wanting to go watch a sunset over the lighthouse at South Haven. I don't get to go often especially when the sun sets later at night in the summer as it is a little drive to the lakeshore which makes for a really late night. However, weather hasn't been co-operating. It's either been too snowy or just cloudy.

Earlier in the week when I looked at the forecast it said Friday would be sunny so we thought that would make a good choice. Also it's the beginning of the weekend so hubby doesn't have to worry about work. Friday rolled around and so did the clouds. Late afternoon it was looking pretty dismal. The forecast was still saying partly sunny so we headed towards the lakeshore.

So glad we did! The sun was beating down when we arrived. It's a shame the temperature didn't match lol. We did get to hang around in the cold and watch such a glorious sunset. We weren't the only ones braving the cold.

I still have to sort through a lot of photos I took but here are a couple. I hope you enjoy. It was so very beautiful to watch, so serene and surprisingly calm. There was an awful lot of ice still around but stunning. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Another Week

We've really had a range of weather this week - snow, rain, freezing rain, fog, sun and clouds. Phew. Quite a week! After over a foot of snow last weekend it has slowly been clearing. The roads are now clear but there is still a lot left on the grass despite the above-freezing temperatures for most of the week. It's supposed to be an okay weekend so we will be glad to be able to get out and about. We really need to start walking or we won't make our walk on our camping trip lol.

My bed topper hasn't really done much good. The bed is a lot more comfortable but my back still aches when I get up in the morning. Not sure a new mattress would help. It just seems to be laying down at all that does it. Sigh. I do think walking and exercise helps it. I think I'll give it a bit longer and then see if it's still hurting. I hate going to the doctors.

My father-in-law got some results from his surgery. He had a mole taken off his back and some lymph nodes taken out. They found 'a little' cancer in one of his lymph nodes. I'm not sure any cancer is good at all. I think the in-laws are still in shock at this point. They have another appointment in a couple of weeks to talk to the doctor as to what comes next. Seems like a long time to wait. Mum got in really quickly once her diagnosis was made.

I've had fun watching the birds this week. They have been coming in droves once the sun came out for a little while. I like this photo of some birds at this bucket. The one in the middle looks like it has an attitude. When I saw them I could almost imagine the conversation they were having. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

More Birds at the Feeder

I'm so glad I ended up getting the bird feeders. They have brought some much needed colour and the birds are so fun to watch. Just when I think I've seen all the different kinds of birds that are attracted I am surprised with another. I don't know much about birds. I'm going to have to either borrow a book or more than likely google what kinds of birds I'm seeing.

These two showed up yesterday

This one showed up at the feeder in front

As well as the Cardinal showing up again. I only know what this one is called as it is so bright and cheery I asked hubby and he actually knew!

The cheeky squirrel turned up again. I'm never sure whether to chase him away or take lots of photos of how goofy it is trying to get to the food!

Hope everyone is having a good week! 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snowy Weekend - beaten by the weather

Despite all the snow we got on Friday we did manage to get out for a bit yesterday but it snowed overnight probably another five inches and I'm sad to say the weather beat us. Usually on Sundays we go further afield, but it was just too snowy. By the time hubby cleared the driveway and pavement and had pulled snow off the roof it was (despite being below freezing) starting to come down with freezing rain. We decided to head out to the store, see what the roads were like and then make a decision. The roads were really nasty, hubby was tired out so we shopped and decided to just stop at the park on the way home.

Not a good idea! The car park hadn't been ploughed and we barely got into it. We were mostly stuck but hubby said we might as well walk as we were already there. Not fun at all. We only went around in a loop - it usually takes about fifteen minutes. It took us about forty-five. When we got back to the car park a young woman had tried to get into the park and got stuck. Hubby helped dig her out and managed to get her out of the park. After that we managed to get out fairly easily.

Sigh. It's the first Sunday we've missed for a long time. Oh well. The weather has to get better at some point, right? We're supposed to have some sun tomorrow. I can't wait!

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday.

We saw quite a few deer out and about. There weren't many people - not surprising lol.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Snowy Friday

It's been snowing like crazy here most of the day. I'm so glad I don't have to go out in it! Hubby and son went to work as usual. They are both really good at driving in the snow. They work in town too. Good thing. There was a 32 car, 19 lorry pile up on one of the motor ways. It doesn't sound like anybody was seriously hurt but WOW! People still drive like crazy and don't give enough space between cars. It scares me sometimes how close people get.

Anyway, no going out today. I stayed inside, did the washing, cleaning and then stitched. My bed topper arrived today. Apparently you have to give it 24 hours to 'puff' up so currently it's stretched out over the table. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on it tomorrow. For now I'm still in the chair.

I was doing the washing up when I saw the birds diving down to the bird feeders. I put on my boots and stood out on the back porch for a little while. I'm so glad we put those up!

And a final photo of one of my almost-buried poor Christmas trees. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Winter Storm

Ugh. We're under a Winter Storm Warning. They are saying up to 10inches on top of what we've already got. I reckon there's a rush at the store - there usually is every time they say 'storm'. We always keep things on hand so I didn't go. We rarely lose power either unless there is ice on the lines so at least I'll be able to stay in a warm house. I guess we'll just wait and see.

The trucks did come through our road today and dropped salt so I thought I'd see if I could at least go out and unbury my poor car as it was covered with snow. I must have scraped about five or six inches off it and then shoveled the driveway a bit to unbury my car a little. Seems a little redundant now I know we're getting more. I probably shouldn't have even done that with my back but I've been sleeping most of the night (at least until hubby gets up at 4.30) in the chair and things are feeling a little better. Anyway by this time I could see some road so I thought I'd go out just down to the park for a walk. We live right on the hill and when it's not clear I can't get up it in my car. I did manage though.

There was nobody out walking - not a surprise. It's really cold and windy. I just needed to get out a bit. I took my camera and took a little walk around. In places the snow was quite deep and heavy going. The ground keeper truck must have been through on some of the thicker trails and I walked in the tyre track.

On my way back to my car I saw a woman and her (maybe) grandchild getting out of their car for a walk. I told her it was pretty deep in places. She wasn't even wearing boots! They didn't even look like proper shoes, just slip-ons. Doubt she went far!

It felt good to get out a little. I'm hoping the storm will be over by Saturday so maybe we can get out this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Another day dawning snowy and cold. I had a hair appointment, nothing adventurous, just a trim. I have to admit that having my hair cut is another thing I don't really like so I make appointments in advance and stick with the same lady. When she moved jobs I moved with her lol. I felt like an idiot when I had to email her asking when my appointment was. I thought I'd put it in my phone but apparently I couldn't even do that right lol.

I made a card for hubby today. Funky Valentine. We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day but I wanted to make him a card to let him know I appreciate him. He's a good guy.

I also made up my page for January. I decided at the beginning of the year to start one page for each month. We'll now see how long I stick to it lol. 

It's a 12x 12 page and will fit in one of the albums I've had sitting around for years. I got them really cheaply at Michaels. They usually have them for about $5 sometimes and I couldn't resist the bargain! As this is my year to use up things I have I thought it would be perfect. I did splurge on a January themed page that cost .95c.

I've got some sort of chicken thing in the slow cooker for dinner which will be put over rice. I'm sure the guys will appreciate something hot as it is cold outside. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Ug Monday

Snowy roads again this morning so a day in. Glad of it actually. My back has been hurting in the  mornings and it wasn't good at all this morning. We bought a new bed and mattress set last year and it has hurt my back from the beginning and has steadily got worse. It's bad enough now that I am tossing and turning half the night and in the morning I can barely get out of bed. Usually once I'm out, have sat with a heating pad on my back it loosens up and I'm okay for the rest of the day. I'm a stomach sleeper but I can't do that anymore as the pain is worse so I've tried sleeping on my side and back and it all hurts. If my back feels a little better then my neck feels worse. Sigh. Not sure what to do except maybe buy another mattress but will that be any better?

Anyway that's my moan for the day. On my last post I shared some photos of our Sunday out. I wanted to share a couple more.

This is at Warren Dunes where the wind was whipping up the sand and snow at the lake edge. Phew that wind was strong!

So strong hubby was trying to hide from the wind while I took photos! He managed to find this to shelter in lol.

At home today I did manage to stamp out a few images ready to go for cards that you might (or might not) see later in the week.

I also made up a quick card for daughter for Valentine's Day. 

Now I've got to remember to get it in the post!